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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I am having a hard time financially I needed to get my bottom teeth pulled because they were giving me trouble and the dentist has an outrageous prices so I got a $900 care credit card to pay them $100 a month to get these teeth pulled. I got them pulled out but I cannot eat much without my teeth I have a top denture but it needs to be aligned with the bottom dentures that they have not made yet and he is wanting to charge me $1, 62.00 dollars to get my bottom plate and $328 to realign my top plate I wanted you to pray about this and I need $530 down just to get him started I don’t know what to do I am still paying on Care Credit for the teeth that they pulled and that is…

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The Road

Letters To God, Whispers

As I wake this morning, I thank you for another day.
As I walk this road I hear your voice,
My love will never leave you, I will see you through.
Your amazing Lord, as you guide me I feel your touch, I love you so much.
Your blood cleanses and makes me clean, as I go through this life, help me to rejoice and stand strong.
Hold me when I hurt, and help me to see you in my trials,
Help me travel these crazy miles.
I keep you in my heart,
Nobody can take me places so high
Only your touch keeps me alive.
Written By Betty Bolsen

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Deep in the Valley

Letters To God, Whispers

Deep in the valley of life and pain

my heart sinks and things sting.

Deep in the valley of strife and fear

my heart is weak and never seems pure.

Deep in the valley of sin and sorrow

you give me a life and a new tomorrow.

Deep in the valley where I walk day to day

I search for your Hand to take me one way.

Deep in the valley where I am alone at times

only to find you near when I let go of fear.

Deep in my heart is the valley of life

your love for me Jesus keeps me living this day.

Deep in the valley where I touch your sweet face

I know I will win with your hand in mine.

YOU Jesus are my valley,where I travel in time

looking for your embrace and smelling the roses

deep in my heart is your…

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