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I wonder what it was like

to pour the oil on you,

right before your death.


The love you had for this woman

makes me want to dream more

of when you were in the flesh.


to know you way back then makes

me want to know you more.

Now the love you hold for me and them

makes me dream deep within.

I strive to be like you my King

to know your love you have for me

to show your love you have for others just to think

of you keeps me standing to meet one day face to face

makes me hold onto your sweet embrace.


Written by Betty Bolden


Help me take my stand

I need you all day long Lord

Help me keep the evil one away

protect my mind and my thoughts inside

Help me stand firm within.


Sometimes I feel the darkness deep

Help me to seek your face and not weep.

Hold me close and help me know,

that you will never let me go.


I sometimes wander off the road

but you will never let your sheep go.

My Shepherd , My King and my LORD, YOU ARE THE LOVER OF MY SOUL.


Thank you for loving me forever more

Help me to know which way to go.

Save me from the ways of the world

teach me your ways inside my soul

Help me to live and never let you go.


Written by Betty Bolden








Your LOVE captured my soul
your hands keep me under control.

Your passion I desire,
My faith grows wider,
time is on our side,

With your love , I live at your side.

My Lord is my love,
So deep inside, He grows Day By day
Only His way I desire
When I fail His love is still there,  I will never go nowhere.

Our Love it forever,
and will endured in all Kinds of weather.

Written By Betty Bolden


In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace

Ephesians 1:7 NIV


In him we have freedom and also forgiveness of out sins. His blood cast out our sins and helps us to be free. See the definition above. He delivers us from our sin and covers us with his blood, and helps us to live lives of freedom in him. As we go on with this life he gave us , we  turn to him who will always save us even from ourselves. God’s grace is all we need to get by in this life and Jesus is the only way to God and we must trust him and know that he is our way to the Father.

Everything depends on God and his ways and we must also depend on him, even nature depends on God, even the rocks cry out.

Jesus walked on water and also we walk on water but fall in the middle but he helps us get across because we can’t do it alone, we cannot save ourselves only Jesus can do that so we are forgiven through his blood. Redemption is the word and we are redeemed.


Pray with me,

Precious Lord Jesus we come before you and ask for your forgiveness and for you to always hear our prayers. We need your blood to cover us and help us to walk on this earth. Lord please cover us with your feathers and keep us strong in this time of need.  and give us the peace you give so we can see and not be blinded. Thank you for all you have done and for your love you give us. Please give us wisdom and guide us into your arms always.In Jesus Name amen,


Written By Betty Bolden