*Deep in the Woods*

Deep in the woods, the branches dance in the wind, wild and free, Spreading their fragrance for you and me. Wild flowers sway, as the wind try’s picking them up, Their roots planted firmly, a…

Source: *Deep in the Woods*


10 thoughts on “*Deep in the Woods*

      1. Oh Betty, I’m sorry…they must have caught it too late to do much of anything.

        I know this may not help much, but it must be that God has a different plan than you or your brother/family had for his life. All things happen for a reason, and they work for good to those who love the Lord, (Rom. 8:28).

        If I can ask, is your brother a baptized believer in the Lord? If so, good for him. If not, can I help you in any way to convince him to become a part of the church? Maybe bible study verses, or some points of a sermon or two? Let me know, Betty…

      2. Betty, I believe in the 5-step process to salvation through grace. One must hear the word of God, believe that Jesus is the Son of God, confess that faith before men, admit to being a sinner and then repent of their sins, and finally be baptized into the body of Christ to be raised up a new person in the Lord. I have a lot of scriptures to back these steps up if you’d like to read them…

        Steve 🙂

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