​Meditation/Betty’s Verse Of The Day/8-11-15

​Meditation/Betty’s Verse Of The Day/8-11-15.

via ​Meditation/Betty’s Verse Of The Day/8-11-15.


12 thoughts on “​Meditation/Betty’s Verse Of The Day/8-11-15

      • I can understand that. I know people say it a lot, but it is true with me. I’d listen but not judge. I don’t have the right to judge anyone…

      • I understand exactly what you are saying and feeling, Betty. Life is hard thanks to the influences of evil in the world. We have a tendency to question God during bad times, even blame Him, but it is usually the evil one at work on us for some reason.

        Most of the time, these trials are a calling card from the Lord. He loves us enough to take us as He finds us, but He won’t leave us in that place. He will want to move and improve our situation.

        Now that’s hard to believe sometimes when we are so down. I too am going through a time like you, with physical problems and a bad attitude right now. I am even questioning why God hasn’t helped me out either. But that’s the way Satan works against us. It may be hard to do, but we have to realize the Lord is at work in our lives with a plan to make things better. But that happens in His time.

        It may not be easy to hear all of this, and it may not be uplifting right now. But there is an end to it all ahead if we can stay on the Lord’s path. I tell myself these things each day as well.

        You are obviously a God fearing and faithful woman, Betty. Your faith is what is keeping you questioning God, believe it or not! Stay on this road, it’s okay to feel these things right now. Just don’t give up hope on the fact that a better day is ahead. Pray as you feel like it…(even when you don’t feel like it!) Ask God for His strength and leadership. Pray for the health of your brother. Maybe God wants you to learn to place even more faith in Him…to grow your confidence that He can do anything in life including picking you and me up from our current situation, with some help from us!

        Betty, I hope some of this helps. Please talk more with me as you want and need to. If you want to talk “off blog,” you can use my email at: “The_True_Light@gmx.com” I’ll check it each day to see if you have written me.

        For today, just try to take it easy on yourself and not worry so much. God will hear every prayer, and He is at work in your life right now. Just continue with Him until one day, He will answer your petitions. Things WILL change…

        Have a better day today, Betty, and write me anytime at all.

        Steve 🙂

      • What can I do to help you feel better? We haven’t really talked about your situation. I know you are afraid of being “judged,” but you can trust me when I say I’m no one to do that…

      • Oh we must be alike in some ways, Betty. I was a smoker for over 30 years! I started in high school to “be cool” since I didn’t want to do drugs to fit in with the cool crowd…

        I tried to quit many times, but the addiction was bad. I always went back to it.

        Then I had a mild heart attack at about 47, but within 30 days I was back buying a pack of smokes again! I continued to smoke for several more years. I didn’t even think about how lucky I had been not to have died!

        Then, one day, I started to feel some chest pains which felt like the same ones I had with my heart attack. It scared me bad. I went to the ER, but my heart was fine, thank the Lord.

        That was the scare that finally made me quit that night. I went “cold turkey” and haven’t smoked in about 6 years now. But I still want a smoke every now and then, even now. But they don’t last long and I never give in to that urge.

        Betty, we are all different. I’ve learned that we do have the ability to quit any bad habit, but it comes from different places in our souls. You have that ability. You may need some support, like a “quitting buddy” you talk to when you want to light up. You may need a “quit smoking aid.” You may need both…and you might still fail a time or two.

        But once you reach way down within yourself and decide you’ve had enough of the guilt and risk to your life, you can quit smoking. It WILL happen on your time.

        I’m no “will power” kind of guy myself…I just don’t have much of that in me. Mine worked because of fear for my life. You need to find your trigger to quitting. Believe me, you’ll be done with it when you find the real end of that road!!

        Good luck with finding it…lean on me for support, Betty, it’s okay to do!

        Steve 🙂

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