This Morning’s Prayer Call/2-7-13


Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.


Gerrie Harman isn’t feeling well at all please pray for her..keep her family in prayer.

I been seeing my chiropractor twice a week, it seems my lower lumbars are really twisted and the pain is real bad. He is trying to get me to hold adjustments. This is helping my headaches but the lower back is bad..pray for this..pray for my husband to be able to feel better ..he is tired and hurts all over..he works so hard..keep my grandsons and kids in BettyB

Please keep goopiegirl in prayer she is overwhelmed with appointments and she isn’t feeling well.

Pray for my neighbor Donna for her BettyB

Keep praying for the salvation of my BettyB

Pray for Susan s..unspoken

Pray for Alfred and Brenda.

Pray for our churches and all our friends and family..they need our love and God’s love.

Love BettyB.



Please pray for Doreen she has a cough that needs healing and also her side hurts her please pray for this healing
Doreen is also having a mamo on Mon pray for all to go well
Tues Joe her husband is going to the Dr to have his lungs checked and he is also going to the eye Dr on Wed pray for all to go well
Pray for Glendas’s husband  for the urinary tract infection
Joyce – for healing for her health and for diabetis
Chad, Amanda and Cameron and also Elliot and Marylou have the flu pray for this and for a job for Chad
Pray for all to go well for Ed he is going to the heart Dr pray for good results
Toni has a problem with a tooth she had I think capped  this was don’t this month and now it needs to be don’t over pray the dentist
Takes care of it she doesn’t have the money to do this again and rightfully it should be done over no cost since it was a short time ago
  I am going in for therapy today for my back pray that all goes well
Also on the 27th will have the camera put down in my stomach pray that things turn out good for it also
Pray for better thing for the US
Pray for our children for protection
Pray against all this killing that is happening
Please pray for Debbie and family they are going through bronchitis and now feeling well and she is having some time with breathing because of it pray for healing for her and family and for all people that are sick with the flu and any colds and bronchitis and pneumonia
Prayer for all people with cancer to be healed and any other disease for healing’
Prayer for our president and cabinet that they make good decision for the country and people
God bless each one of you for praying for these needs and may the Lord touch each of you for yours.

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